Christmas with Jesus

Shopping, presents, and gatherings, oh my. The holiday season bursts at the seams with all the hustle and bustle, but it’s never too busy for Jesus. Take a step back this year and spend a few moments with your Savoir each day in Christmas with Jesus. This short devotional contains 25 devotions for December from various authors who love Jesus just as much as you do.

Become a Contributing Author

We are looking for Christian women who love Jesus to write a devotional (roughly 800 words) to include in this anthology.

Devotions should be about Christmas as in Jesus’ birth or coming to be with us. How He is involved in your holiday season or a reflection of His birth.

This book would be in the KDP Select program and offered for free on Kindle every year. And you will be listed as an author on Amazon so you can add it to your bibliography.

All submissions should be sent in before the end of October.

The Benefits of Contributing to an Anthology

If you have never contributed to an anthology before, they can be a huge benefit to you as an author. Some of the benefits include:

  • Name Recognition – While your name may not appear on the cover, you can add it to your Amazon Author page. Your name will also appear on the page with your chapter, and your author bio will be in the back of the book. The more often people see your name, the more they will come to know you as an author and be more willing to spend money to buy your books.
  • Introduces Your Writing To New Readers – Along with that exposure comes new readers reading your writing. It’s not just your name, it’s like a free advertisement for your other books.
  • Increased Amazon Rankings – Amazon introduced author rankings in 2012. While no one knows their algorithm for determining the exact author rankings, it’s pretty clear that the more often you publish and the more sales you get, the higher you rank as an author. The last time I contributed to an anthology, my author rank sky rocked when it was launched. NOTE: Amazon retired author rankings this year, however, the number of books you publish and how many copies you sell, may still play into how your other books rank.
  • No Publishing or Marketing Costs – Heather Hart, the founder of Grace-Based Writing is fronting all the costs of publishing this book. She will take care of the publishing, formatting, editing, marketing, everything. All you have to do is write a devotion and it will be published for you.
  • A Whole Team Working With You – When you have a dozen authors working together to market a book, it usually gets pretty awesome exposure. This is highest during the book launch when all the authors work together and readers are trying to figure out who everyone is. But a book is a gift that keeps on giving – to both the readers and the authors.
  • And More – There have been whole blog posts written about the benefits of contributing to anthologies. I know I haven’t covered all of them, but you get the idea.

While contributing authors don’t earn royalties and are not paid for their submission to this anthology, they will be able to order paperback copies of the anthology at the cost of printing plus shipping to sell at speaking engagements, book signings, locally, or to give away.

Devotions should start with the Scripture and end with a prayer. (With a total of roughly 800 words).

Submission period closes October 31st.

Authors will be notified of inclusion the first week of November.