Creating A Blog Binder That Saves You Time & Brainpower

Do you ever wish you could make your blog easier to find by search engines?

Do you wish you didn’t have to stop what you were doing to figure out what tags to add to you blog post?

Hi, I’m Heather Hart, and I simplified my process of publishing new blog post by creating a simple tool.

It’s a blog binder.

What’s Inside?

My blog binder has all the information I need to manage my blog day in and day out… without all the extra junk.

It doesn’t have…

  • A Content Schedule
  • Needless Social Media Information
  • Website Stats
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Income Tracking Sheets
  • Or 150+ Pages of Stuff You Don’t Need

So what does it have?

The basics you need to keep your blog running smoothly.

On top of that, it doesn’t cost you $50.

It won’t even cost you $10.

I’m sharing my blog binder and templates for only five bucks.

Get all your blog resources in one place.

Know your brand.

See categories, tags, and hashtags at a glance.

Save time and do it right.

You can create your own blog post binder, and I can help.

Note: Because this product is only $5, I am not offering refunds at this time.