Recommended Resources

In our experience as author coaches and our own writing, we have collected a list of tools/resources we use and recommend. Please know, we don’t recommend products and resources unless we stand behind our recommendation 100%. That means this list isn’t crazy long. It’s simply the tools you need to do what you love. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • Please note, we use affiliate links.

Blogging Tools & Resources

Website Management

Google Domains

I (Heather) purchase all my domains directly from Google. Not only is Google the authority when it comes to all things internet, but their prices can’t be beat. Google Domains start at $12 a year, and that includes domain privacy (most everyone else charges extra).


I (Heather) use and recommend SiteGround for hosting your website.

Genesis Pro

I (Heather) use and recommend Genesis Pro to create your websites. It really is worth the expense. The WordPress blocks, website themes, etc. all work together to create a seamless website experience for both you on the backend and your visitors. It’s what I used to create 90% of my websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO


This is the best free, keyword research tool I (Heather) have found. Personally, I use Googles Keyword Tool. However, it’s no longer free for new members.


Deposit Photos




Why PLR?

PLR can be a great way to jumpstart your writing. If you are swamped and need some quick content, PLR is a life saver. However, not all PLR is created equal. You definitely need to know what you’re buying, how you can use it, and remember it will need editing.

Gratitude PLR

Do you blog about gratitude? If so, this gratitude PLR bundle could help you create an opt-in gift for your newsletter. Outline some blog posts. You could use it for an autoresponder series for your email list, or use the content in your regular newsletter. You can use it as is, or edit it so it’s written in your voice. Snag your copy of this Gratitude PLR Bundle now.


Christian Link-Ups

Affiliate Marketing

Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program

Ultimate Bundles has an amazing affiliate program. They also have theme specific bundles that can be a great tool for marketing your books)