Writer’s Retreat Workbook

Do you ever wish you could just get away and write?

Yet find that every time you set aside time for writing, you either get distracted or find yourself staring at the blinking cursor wondering what happened to all your ideas?

If you answered ‘yes,’ you are not alone.

About the Writer’s Retreat Workbook

Internationally best-selling and award-winning author Heather Hart has been helping other authors publish and market their books for over a decade. And she’s found that it’s not uncommon for authors to find themselves stumped and unproductive if or when they are able to get that coveted writing time. Herself included. That’s why she put together The Writer’s Retreat Workbook.

  • A Complete Retreat Schedule (with 5+ variations so you can schedule a retreat that works for you)
  • 7 Inspiring Devotionals. Plus encouragement to carry with you after the retreat.
  • Soothing, Instrumental Music to Play in the Background While You’re Writing.
  • A Playlist Full of Praise & Worship Music for Your Retreat (with instructions for building your own).
  • Guided Exercises for Goal Setting.
  • 50+ Motivational Quotes
  • Plus, you’ll get access to digital downloads including video recordings of the devotionals, inspirational music, and more!

The retreat will be available as printable/interactive digital downloads and physical workbooks you can carry with you.

Note: each physical workbook (paperback and spiral) contains access information for the music and video files.

Encouragement for Christian Authors

How does our faith impact our writing?

Are there Scriptures we can lean into while we write?

Heather Hart’s first internationally best-selling and award-winning title was a devotional book. For this retreat, she penned devotionals specifically for Christian authors.

Music to Write to

Studies have shown listening to music while writing

  • Engages Your Brain
  • Increases Focus
  • Limits Distractions
  • Boosts Concentration
  • Creates a Motivational Habit

There are five unique tracks included with Writer’s Retreat Workbook. Jonathyn Carter, a talented musician composed each track with authors in mind.

Each track is roughly five minutes long. The perfect length for long writing sessions.

You can play these songs in the background while you write to help you focus and get more done.

Printable Inspiration

In addition to being an internationally best-selling and award-winning author, Heather Hart is also a talented designer. She’s designed some cards you can cut out to use as inspiration while you’re writing. Cards include

  • Inspirational Sayings
  • Quotes for Authors
  • Motivational Mantras
  • Scriptures that Speak to the Heart

In addition to the artwork, you’ll also find over 50 additional quotes and notes.


When you purchase the Writer’s Retreat Workbook, you’ll also get a 90-Day Goal Planner to help you keep up the momentum after your retreat.

The 90-Day Goal Planner includes

  • Daily & Weekly Goal Planning Worksheets
  • A 90-Day Goal Tracker
  • A Habit Tracker
  • Weekly To-Do Sheets
  • And More!

Get Away When It Works for You

You can do this retreat on your own, with a writing partner, or with a group. And it isn’t going to break the bank.